Friday, August 25, 2006

Mini to the Max

Destination: LA

(in no particular order)

1 Spiral notebook
24 Bic ballpoints
1 Apple laptop
1 250 Gig hard drive (Porsche design)
1 DVC unit
1 AA coin/chip for year one
3 Polaroid sticky shots of H
1 Big Book
12 pairs of underwear
6 pairs of jeans
4 tennis shirts
4 long sleeve button down shirts
2 Sweatshirts
1 NY Yankee Cap
1 alphabet, hardly used
1 Tennis raquet
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of cowboy boots
1 pair of Bass Weejun loafers
1 airmattress
1 Nano iPod
1 Thomas Guide of LA
3 maps of Southern Cali
1 set of towels
1 bottle of sun screen (spf 35)
1 copy of Shakespeare's sonnets
3 advertising portfolios and tv reels
1 copy Beyond the Owing (latest play)
1 draft of a to-be-named screenplay for Yes, Brothers Towing Company productions
1 bag of toiletries (toothbrush/paste, asprin, etc)
1 copy of Jon Steel's "Truth Lies and Advertising"
1 rolodex
1 HP printer
5 sticks of gum
58 cents
1 roll of black tape
1 Nokia 6230
Can you see the complete sonnets of Shakespeare in the picture at left?

ADDENDUM: 9.3.06

Mr Fancyshirt has commented that he didn't know what a "tennis shirt" was versus a "T-Shirt". I offer the picture below as a visual aide to the explanation in the comments section.


Mr. Fancyshirts said...

Is "tennis shirt" just the formal term for T-shirt? If so, I have to admit to not knowing that and enlightened with a deeper understanding of the world.

Malachy Walsh said...

Well, I thought maybe a tennis shirt and a t-shirt might be the same thing - until I was given a tennis shirt.

Basically, the tennis shirt is it's own thing - made of breathable cloth or synthetics and having a real sense of style, you'd hesitate to wear it beneath something else.

A t-shirt is more utilitarian and less styled. It's meant to be an undergarment that is worn for it's own sake ONLY when you're too lazy to wear/wash anything else.

Mr. Fancyshirt said...

I'm still not sure what it is though. Is it like a polo shirt? Does it have a collar? How is it different than a polo? I'm also curious because I have known you many years and can't think of you in anything but a blue oxford button down or a bowling shirt.

Malachy Walsh said...

Sometimes there's a collar. Sometimes there's not.

But it's not so much about the collar as it is about the overall style and material (breathable synthetic) combined with the way it's worn.

I'll post a picture of a couple of the ones I have for you at some point.