Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Beautiful day here in Ashland.

Got up early and went to an AA meeting. While I didn't love the speaker, it was still good to go. The topic ended up being honesty and it's always good to be reminded what a little liar I have in my head - the dark spaces I can get sucked into and hide in if I'm not careful.

Afterwards, we moved our last stuff out of the actor housing here and into storage. Borrowed a truck and drove all the way to Medford with the parking brake on before I realized there was something wrong. Still it was great to be behind the wheel of a truck again. I forget the kind of play the steering wheel gives you.

Came back home and H made a gluten free pasta dish (corn pasta). I couldn't tell it was gluten free, so it was a real success. There was some kissing after, and that's always good.

We finished the day with a midnight ride in our Mini Cooper. We love this car. It's the only thing of serious value we own besides our educations and a couple of rings.

Tomorrow we make final prep for roading south.

Bed awaits. Like I said, it was a good day.

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