Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dresses are dangerous: Proof.

Please come to a reading of my play, DRESSING THE GIRL

WHEN: Thursday, September 21 at 6.30 pm (6 for food and drink)

WHERE: The Montmartre Dress Shop in the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle, NYC

Featuring, Sarah Elliott, Laura Marks and Kevin Stapleton

Directed by Charles Maryan

Produced by Montmartre and the Relentless Theatre Company

Dressing the Girl was given a closed reading at the Magic Theatre in 2003 as part of their inhouse lit dept table series. It was their inaugural script. It was subsequently developed at the Soho ThinkTank and later given week long workshop at the 78th Street Theatre Lab (both directed by Matthew Arbrour). The play was then developed further with Michael Kenyon at the Public Theatre where it was shortlisted for the fall 2005 New Work NOW! series.

I'm off in the morning to the Long Beach Airport to fly to NY and see the reading myself, so I'll be there.

Hope to see you.

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