Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Martha Stewart gives up: Another reason to never do theatre in a theatre.

DRESSING THE GIRL at Montmartre.

I've been told Martha Stewart walked by during the reading.

So glad we didn't do it in a theatre.
Above, from left to right, Laura Marks, Kevin Stapleton, Sarah Elliott and Daniel Isaacson

Sarah and Daniel

Laura and Kevin

Three of the best people I know, Jack, Dave and Molly

Sarah and my favorite lawyer, Carrie

Yours truly trying to look smart as I talk to Liz Frankel

The play was directed by Charles Maryan and presented at the Montmartre Boutique in the Time Warner Center, NYC, Sept 21, by the Relentless Theatre Company

Thanks to Bruce Arendash for the photos. And to all for coming.


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