Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My first LA party

This weekend I went to my first LA "thing". It was a wrap party for WEDNESDAY AGAIN, an independent movie starring Richmond Arquette (yes, of the endless and endlessly talented Arquette family) and was written and directed by John Lavachielli. It was at Arquette's house.

A laid back affair, everyone was incredibly nice. And, again, smart. I was a guest of one of the movie's actors and while I was quite shy, my "date" was very good about introducing me to everyone. And I found both Arquette and the Lavachielli to be warm, interested and entirely ego-less. Weirdly, Shirley Jones was also there (her husband is in the movie) and I got to shake her hand. (Yeah, me and Mrs. Partridge.)

Honestly, I never thought I'd be in any Arquette backyard - but there I was. And it was nice. Like a neighborhood BBQ should be.

I'm in Ashland for Turkey Day and then, next week, in NY for the Clubbed Thumb workshop of Beyond The Owing. I'll post from the Big Apple if not before then.

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