Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New York. Again.

Arrived in New York this morning - after a long redeye on JetBlue - for the week long Clubbed Thumb development of Beyond the Owing.

The plane was full of babies and tall girls with paint splats on their shoes and Bob Rauschenberg bios in their hands.

They scared me, those girls. And I was uncomfortable. Plus, somehow the Big Apple, despite some temperate numbers on the thermometer, felt intimidating as soon as I got out of the gate.

Could be I'm just worried about whether or not I can whip this play into shape in a week. Could be I'm just tired. Either way, here goes nothing.

I've got a terrific cast - Cecil MacKinnon, Mary Bacon, Jeff Biehl, Meg McQillan and Jeff Steitzer - as well as a wonderdful director - Matthew Arbour - and a great producer in Maria Striar and Clubbed Thumb - so it's definitely up to me.

I'll try to post as I can - but depending on how much needs to be done on the play, that may be very little.

We'll see...


Dorothy said...

Jeff Steitzer ?
Did he use to live in Seattle ?

Malachy Walsh said...

Yep. The one and the same. Just met him tonight and really really great guy. And beyond talented to boot.

Mark said...

Meg is a Production Company member - she is great. Jeff did a show with us last season and is really wonderful too. Sounds like a great cast. I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

Malachy Walsh said...
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