Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 10 List of Self-Absorption: Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007

I'm glad to see 2006 end.

Honestly, it's been quite long and exhausting and, well, nothing like what I thought it would be 365 days ago.

Back then, I was hoping a raise at the ad agency I was working at would give me financial incentive to stay in NY. More foolishly, I was still thinking that Nokia would do something more intelligent with its marketing dollars than do what it did. (The brand has all but disappeared in North America despite producing a campaign with a theme that could've taken them 20 years into the future. They have serious Motorola envy... but that's a whole different soapbox.)

In theatre, I was hoping it would be the year of DRESSING THE GIRL. Alas, despite a draft that was a finalist for New Work NOW! - and an interesting site-specific reading - the producers of the world saw fit to lose money with other plays.

But there were highlights.

AND, rather than do a top 10 list of things that I had nothing to do with (Top Movie; Top Book; Top Play; Top Stupid Celebrity Thingee; etc.) - and I might add, a list that would look like everyone else's - I'm doing a top 10 list of good things for my year.

A list of self-absorption? Sure.

Something you should do for yourself? Absolutely. Because why should the culture brokers at People Magazine, US Weekly, The New York Times and elsewhere have all the power?

Anyway, here it is:

1. I'm still sober.
Yep. This is a good thing for me. And an especially good thing for you.

2. Still in love.
Could it be clearer from my blog that this is true? If not, please email me and I will carve it into a blunt instrument, come over to your house and use it on your head.

3. Still solvent.
I freak out about money. A lot. I wish I didn't. But I do. And yet, I am still so so lucky. (Check-in 6 months from now though and see how I'm doing. Then you'll.... Shit, I doing it again.)

5. Still writing.
I'm sure my Clubbed Thumb Boot Camp chronicle bored most of you after the second entry (assuming you got that far), but it was a great experience. (And I don't give a damn what the blogosphere's consensus says about New Play Development - YOU'RE ALL WRONG! WRONG!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!!!!! WRONG!!!!)

6. Still not in New York.
Sorry, New Yorkers, but the city I loved living in when I was 19 (that was in 1983) isn't the city for me now. Nonetheless, it's nice to go back and visit. And I still love so many people there.

7. Still not completely employed.
I've flipped the negative here because it also means that I've got tons of time to write and even more time to spend with my wife. Since employment kept us separated, I feel this is only fair.

8. Still not at Grey.
I hear it's gone down hill since I left. While I could take the George Bush the first approach (Before me, wall; After me, no wall), I won't. It's just good to get out of a place that does not truly appreciate its own people.

9. Still have friends.
If I've alienated you, please don't tell me. I'd like to keep the delusion going.

10. Still new in LA.
I rue the day the wonderful novelty of daily sunlight wears off.

Have a great New Year.

I know I will.


J.D. said...

This is a great list that requires no apologies!

Play development can be extremely beneficial. I've been the happy recipient of some great experiences. Sounds like your Clubbed Thumb time was one of those for you, too.

Cheers. And wish you good fortune in 2007!

D said...

happy new year!


good list, indeed

Malachy Walsh said...

Thanks to both of you.

And Happy New Year to both of you too!


ps. - j.d. - been enjoying your tales of writing and rewriting... thanks.