Thursday, January 11, 2007

Me-me 5 times

You know the meme. 5 things no-one knows about you.

(Thanks to Laura for the tag.)
1. I was born in a pink hospital on the island Oahu.

2. I once woke up in a garbage dump at the end of an airport runway with no idea where on the planet I was. It took over half a day to to discover that I was in the Canary Islands.

3. I seriously considered a career as a compititive horse show jumper until I discovered writing at the age of 17.

4. David Mamet has my copy of Homage to Catalonia in his library and he doesn't know it (probably).

5. I helped apprehend a knife wielding man in broad daylight on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

I tag Fred - when he gets back from surgery - 2 times. (That's 10 things we don't know, Fred.) I tag Dave once.

This is NOT a picture of me. (And I have no idea who it is.)


Adam said...

I didn't know #5 but I knew the rest. I want 4 more.

malachy walsh said...

You have special priviledges as an ex-roommate.

And besides, I'm already uncomfortable with the self-indulgent nature of the blog. These 5 will have to do.