Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In lieu of a real post...

I've got a freelance gig this week. Between that, revising a play and my MEDIUM spec, I've been too busy to blog.

But I've been thinking about theatre a lot lately, especially since I'm certain I won't find a staff job on a TV show this season based what I understand of the hiring cycles.

Until I can get my thoughts together for a real post later in the week, I thought I'd "share" these ads I wrote a billion years ago for my theatre company in SF. They ran in a Fringe Festival program for less than $200. (Proof that not all marketing has to cost an arm and a leg.)

Though the ads sold no "specific show", it generated interest. Our summer short play festival was packed from opening to closing.

I "stole" the "Lights come up..." line from my friend Kurt Bodden.

Nachi Sanchez art directed.

The theatre company was called The Iron Workers Local 202 Theatre Company. There were three founders, myself, Cameron Galloway and Eric Schniewind (who now writes for Killing My Lobster). Our mission stated that we were "devoted to producing Bay Area Playwrights" since nobody else seemed to be doing that, despite there being "no paucity" of talent there.

We mostly worked out of the EXIT on Eddy Street.

It was a good time.


Fred Wickham said...

Love the car chase ad.

Dave Tutin said...

Nothing to do directly with this post...but it just struck me as odd that the best radio advertising is often referred to as 'theatre of the mind'. What, like watching live theatre doesn't require the use of the mind? Perhaps this explains why there's so much bad tv and film out there...we have come to expect that something we "see" should not require thought. It's why a movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey would probably never get made today!

You see, Malachy, this is why I like your blog. Even your casual postings provoke thoughts.

malachy walsh said...

Dave Tutin, I love you. And my wife said, "Send that man a cookie."

Though I have no cookies, I thought I'd relay the message on.

Dave Tutin said...

Virtual cookie accepted!

carter said...

These things show a lot of enthusiasm for some of the reasons I used to love going to theatre - the ability to transform things right in front of my eyes.