Friday, February 16, 2007

The Agent Thing - Again

Ken Levine (his link is in the margin) posted about the absurdity of finding an agent for a play he wrote.

Mr. Excitement (a link is also in the margin) posted a response.

I've been pretty vocal in both places about it, but rather than post more about the subject, I thought I'd just offer links to my previous agent entries.

Here's where you'll find my experience with a Hollywood agent. It was - overall - a good one.

Here's where you'll find my take on theatre agents - as I've known them so far.


Catherine said...

Malachy - any chance you could try to write an episode or two for Grey's Anatomy? They need your help. And Lost too. Please? PLEASE???h

malachy walsh said...

Oh, I'd love to - though I do think those are both fine fine shows.

I wish more people would watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. That's the show I want to last... though I'm told by those who read tea leaves it won't.