Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A prediction that came true... except for the tropical part

In August we drove up 1 along the Oregon coast. Along the way, we got into some kind of bickering thing and when we pulled over, my co-dependent self wanted to make up for everything and get back on track.

My extroverted self decided to record it.

And then I made a prediction about conceiving a child.

For some reason I thought it would happen in November.

I also thought it would happen while we were on a honeymoon that we hadn't taken and that we still haven't taken (for financial reasons, mostly).

As you know, I was wrong about one of those predictions.

But what I'm really wondering is: Does anybody in the blog world actually watch these posted videos?

ps. this video is only 50 seconds long.


Dave said...

At least it wasn't on the back seat of your car - my old mini is too small! Great to see you guys enjoying it. I hope the bickering wasn't about top-down or top-up!

Jeff said...

I watch the videos. And hey, since you're clearly clairvoyant, care to pick a few stocks for me so that I can nurse my addled brain in Fiji?

Malachy Walsh said...

Fiji! You bastard!!!! How bad can your stock picking be!!???!!

If ever there was someone who deserved a moment on beach, it's you though!!!

Do NOT get sunburned.

Fred Wickham said...

Oh yes, Malachy, I watch everything YouTube has to offer. It makes for long days, but when my friends show up with predictions -- and they happen to be borne out -- it makes it all worthwhile.

J.D. said...

LOL...sometimes. And I just did.

Lisa said...

Malachy, I checked my blog today to add something, and came across your comment. I have no idea when you wrote it...and I was thinking, aww, that's so sweet..when I followed the link to your blog and came across this!!! Hot damn!! Congrats to you and Heather! You both must be thrilled. Unbelievable. Please send Heather my love. August is going to be fun... Love, Lisa

malachy walsh said...

Will do Lisa. And hope you're well!

Are you coming out here any time soon? You're always welcome at our house....