Wednesday, March 14, 2007


She makes me read poetry to her pregnant belly.

And I count her freckles when she sleeps at night.


Mark said...

I have been reading snippets of whatever I'm reading to LP and trying to speak in my lowest possible tones. I've heard that if you do that, it is more likely that the baby will recognize your voice after it is born. Also, a friend whose father is a noted linguist (a contemporary/rival of Chomsky) claims that her father repeatedly said the same phrase to the womb and then said it to her after she was born and she recognized it/him. All this stuff is pretty amazing.

Malachy Walsh said...

Plus, I was told, it can raise the kid's IQ by 25 points.

Whether or not it's true, I'm going to do it - if nothing else, it gives me a breather from all my stupid, ridiculous anxieties!

Malachy Walsh said...

PS. Thanks for Brooklyn Babyblogging... great stuff, great idea.

D said...


I hope everything goes wonderfully and that you continue to be excited and terrified and godknowswhatelseyou'refeeling about imminent parenthood!

Incidentally, I just read your Hollywood agent post, which somehow I missed back in October. Very interesting. All the stories about "breaking in" on both coasts are true.