Sunday, March 11, 2007

Velvet Bark

My brother Pete was in LA this weekend for an opening at Infusion Gallery that featured some of his art.

He's been working in color fields lately and his work has a texture in person that's like velvet bark.

He says that he wants people to come up to his paintings and feel the surface with their hands.

When I lived in Europe I remember my artist friends insisting that Americans couldn't understand painting because the only way they saw most work was through 2-d reproductions in books.

My brother's paintings seem to second the demand that art can only really be experienced when you're in the same room with it.

And touching it.

It was a great show.


Dave Tutin said...

I totally agree re art in books. I remember seeing Rembrandt's The Night Watch for the first time in Amsterdam. Holy crap - no book could ever do it justice! I later turned into a fan of more modern art but I may never have been interested at all if I hadn't had that awe-inspiring meeting at a young age. Does you brother have anyone selling his work in New York?

Malachy Walsh said...

I don't think he has anyone there in NY. He's based in Chicago and is just getting things going.

I think my first encounter with art also turned me onto in a big way - it was the Chagall in Chicago's LOOP. All those colors... the crazy fantasy of his world... I don't know. I just loved it.