Thursday, March 08, 2007

My life...

Working on a play that's being developed at South Coast.

Writing radio for a client in Orange County.

Writing television spots for an agency in NY.

Rewriting a TV spec.

Rewriting a play for a workshop at PCPA.

Thinking about producing DRESSING THE GIRL.

Entertaining my brother Peter who's here for an art gallery opening of his work in downtown LA.

Trying to stay sober.

Interested in going to La Jolla to see the latest Aaron Sorkin play.

Being pregnant. Or rather, being the male half of being pregnant.

Pretending that this blog entry is not a repeat of the one before because it's a list instead of something more directly narrative.

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frank's wild lunch said...

I want to see the Itamar Moses down there; too bad it closes this weekend....