Sunday, April 29, 2007

Midnight in a prehistoric forest of rocks

I'm flying to Denver today (Sunday) for a freelance thing. I could be gone for a while. So, at the last minute, we drove out to Joshua Tree for a midnight drive through the park.

Spooky. Spiritual. Strange. Unearthly. Prehistoric. You've heard it all before. And it all applies. Native Indians claim the trees are spirits of dead Indian warriors ominously guarding their desert domain; there is an energy dome built in the 1950s to commemorate some extraterrestrial race; and it’s home of the largest freestanding boulder in the world and the oldest living organism on the planet, the creosote bush.

We had the park to ourselves and drove mostly - perhaps dangerously - by moonlight. The photos don't show it, but it was bright. And wonderful. Like travelling through a landscape of ghosts.

It reminded us that we are just small sensitive beings on a round planet orbiting a star in the dark.

This last photo here below is of "Baby Noodles" - his first trip to this amazing place, but hopefully not his last.

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