Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stealing from theatre

How many times have you sat through a play or an evening of short plays to find yourself in the dark pretending not to notice the inept scene changing happening onstage?

Good directors know that one of the most enthralling things about theatre is being in the presence of transformation.

Really good directors make something of even the most mechanical of these opportunities - the scene change.

Here some commercial makers use the effect to, well, great effect.

And now for a personal plea: Please make scene changes interesting for us. We can see you in the dark. We really can.

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Dave Tutin said...

So true! Intermissions are another interesting situation.

On the first preview night of A Moon For The Misbegotten - that Fandy and I really enjoyed but which failed to impress the New York Times critic, I read this morning - the door to the shack would not stay closed. Watching the stage crew come and fix the oh-so-modern magnetic device that was the culprit broke the flow of the play even though it was the intermission. For once I was wishing they'd used a conventional curtain.