Thursday, May 10, 2007

Posts I'll probably never write.

In Denver, the air is thin. So thin that you tend to dry out more quickly and thus, if you drink coffee like you usually do, you get dehydrated and sick.

This was my fate this week as I worked many many hours on Dell Enterprise ads and Qwest television spots.

It also led to not calling Heather as often as I'd like and missing the important developments of the young man Heather and I now call "Baby Noodles". Apparently he kicks at every opportunity and can now be seen through the belly.

But, I'm here in Denver making money. And this is a good thing because 1) I need the money, 2) I'll need the money and 3) It's put me back in touch with that industrious adverting guy who was me back in the 90s - which is to say I'm very very busy.

Interestingly, I'm surrounded by some of the best ad people of the last 20 years. David Stohlberg, Mark Oakley, Ron Saltmarsh, David Ayriss, Gregg Foster, Ken Markey and Bob Rickert - to mention only a few.

It's a little like going back to ad school and feeling both inspired and depressed by all the good work you're around.

Or put another way, it's kinda nice to have the ass kicked.

The busy-ness however has also got me thinking about all the posts I mean to write but that, when I'm busy like this, I don't.

I figure it might make a nice post in itself, so here goes.


1. I don't like it when people post big chunks of their latest plays. (I suppose someone reads these things, but I don't.)

2. Why fishing sucks.

3. THE HOAX, ZODIAC, HOT FUZZ, FRACTURE - reviews of these movies. (I liked the first three, not the last one)

4. A theory of Baby names

5. A list of all the celebrities I've met and worked with

6. A list of all the "famous" authors I've met at Stuart Brent Books

7. How to play tennis with a pregnant woman and still lose (I may write this yet)

8. 6 uses for flowers in a relationship

9. Why getting rid of a landline when you're in a long distance relationship is a bad idea

10. Cavities and other gifts advertising gives your brain

11. My first year in AA

12. So, you moved across the country from SF into an apartment in NYC on Sept. 10, 2001 - now what?

13. Living without furniture: Please sit anywhere you like

14. Artists and writers I admire and who made a difference to me

15. What it's like to have a production in a LORT theatre

16. Here are all my letters of rejection, scanned and posted

17. A very short guide to prayer

18. Why I bought Danskos

19. CHRONIC TOWN by REM. The best EP ever made by anyone?

20. Life without coffee is not worth living

21. How to practice contraception when you're not sure where you're living or how you're making a living after you leave NY and move to LA

22. Bloggers I feel slighted by

23. What I would do to the NYT if I ran the Arts Section

24. People I'd like to punch and people I should've punched

25. The art of making comments

26. Playwrights who get produced eventhough most of their work seems to be crap to me

27. A list of posts I'll never maybe never write


Adam said...

that's funny. I'll miss seeing you in LA. Please visit my blog for the posting of my complete new play "Hard To Read Font" in hard to read font.

Laura said...

I hope I haven't slighted you! :) I still haven't figured out why your feed isn't picked up by my bloglines account. But that doesn't mean I don't care! :)

patrick said...

Loved this list, Malachy.

Jeff Shattuck said...

Cool list. Say hello to Ron for me. He's a very cool guy.

E. Hunter Spreen said...

I hope you get to write some of these posts. The curious want to know. Cheers to Baby Noodles.

Malachy Walsh said...

Adam, I love you. And I'm unhappy about not being in LA for FOOD FOR FISH. I still have an unread early draft somewhere in a box in West Hollywood. Maybe it'll be worth some real dough in the future.

I forgot one other thing I've always wanted to write a post about but probably won't - THEATRE CLIQUES, THE ONES I WISHED I BELONGED TO, THE ONES I DO BELONG TO, AND WHY I NEVER WEAR BLACK TO THE THEATRE.

Laura said...

Why don't you ever wear black to the theater?

Malachy Walsh said...

Why don't I wear black to the theater?

Because whenever I'm sitting in the theatre and all the "artists" from the theatre staff come in wearing their black leather jackets, I always think, Geesh, what a cliche.

I'm usually trying to aviod that kind of thing in my writing, why wouldn't I avoid it in my wardrobe?

Malachy Walsh said...

ps. little black dresses are exempt from this rule. though I haven't found one that fits me quite right yet.

Heather said...

A little black dress that fits you? Honey, yes you have...that one with the ruffle still fits.

Malachy Walsh said...

My Wife READS MY BLOG! This is a day that will go down in history!