Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yes, I love you and I'll call you soon. Really.

When we moved to LA, we were warned that there would be people that we would see, people we would meet, people we'd get to know who would seem to love us while we were in their presence, make promises to call us when parting, but whom we'd more than likely never hear from again.

This has turned out to be untrue for the most part. A cliche that is repeated ad naseum until you think it's a law of nature.

Part of this is that I've found that most people will talk to you at least once in LA. Why? There is the fear, of course, that you may turn into someone someday and partly because nobody knows what will happen later. But I also believe there's a real curiousity among people there to find out what's happening. Film making is, after all, a highly social art.

The last two days are a case in point. A few weeks ago, I sent a letter to two well-known Emmy winning producer/writers. I wanted to meet them.

One of them, a playwright, called me yesterday to see if I was around.

You cannot understand the disappointment I felt when I had to say I was working out of town and couldn't do it. But I also felt it was ultimately left in a way that means it will/could happen some day. And that anything, indeed, can happen.

And I love my wife.
a picture of my desk in denver


dave Tutin said...

I know you need the money but maybe you should consider not taking freelance work that takes you out of LA as you pursue your life's goal? Hollywood has always been about being in the right place at the right time...and Denver ain't it;-)

Malachy Walsh said...

I hear you. Way loud. Way clear.