Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th

We spent the night at Dodger Stadium.

The boys in blue lost to the Braves, but there were fireworks afterwards.

I wore my Yankee cap.

These are probably all reasons some in the "theatrosphere" don't consider me a serious theatre person, can you believe?

The plane below flew overhead at taxpayer expense.

Below, Heather and her cousin Kathy at the Dan Flavin exhibit at LACMA earlier in the week.


SaraleX said...

Love your posts! Very interesting story, let us know how the west coast is so we know whether or not to go there for vacay!

Travis Bedard said...

Simply because you're a Yankee fan?

Surely the theatrosphere couldn't be so shallow?

(go Sox!)

Malachy Walsh said...

It's tough being a yankee fan these days - as you may know!