Sunday, July 01, 2007

Real estate goes up. Theatre gets a cough.

It took more than a quarter century and two TONY awards for this incredibly talented, fairly famous and very lucky guy to buy an apartment in New York. Jeesh.

From the NYT: “If you want to be a theater actor, where do you live now?” said Mr. Spinella, 50, sitting in the bright, spacious Harlem apartment he bought last winter, after finally moving out of a rent-stabilized tenement that had been his home for 27 years.

Young actors “struggle on a Broadway salary,” he said. “A lot of them live in shoeboxes; some of them are literally three to a shoebox. New York has gotten prohibitively expensive.”

Um, tell me again: Why is New York a good town for new theatre?


Freeman said...




Malachy Walsh said...

I realize I was being a little provocative....

Obviously, there's lots of talent in NY and lots of committed folks.

Plus companies set up to support new work - Clubbed Thumb, Soho Think Tank, PH, Soho Rep, Intar, The Public, etc.

But gosh. 27 years? Two TONY awards? 50 years old?

And my guess is that a lot of that "24" money went into the down payment!

You have to more than live for the art form there in NY. You have to be willing to die for it.

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