Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rinse Tank

Rinse Tank

Drama, full length, one intermission.

Dana collects stories. Stories about broken marriages and one-night benders with bad boys. But when her attempt to take control of her own story leads her into a degrading tryst with an old grad school friend, she picks up with a guy she meets on a blind date - Brian - and looks for a new plot line. Can Dana leave behind the rock-star-lifestyle story she was trying to live when the Internet was riding high? Is she really creating a new story line for her life? Or is she just repeating?

CAST: 2 F, 2 M
This one hasn't gone out much. I can't really say why except that I write faster than theatres read.

Which I'm sorry about.

It's not the understaffed lit department's fault.

But there it is.

I loosely used this play to create a screenplay about the aftermath of San Francisco's tech boom. It's a good story about what happens when everyone comes back to earth after thinking anything is possible in business and in relationships. The short hand film pitch: "A coming of age story for the Entourage generation."

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