Friday, June 08, 2007


It's one more than the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.

And it means, I remember television not just before cable, but before remote control.

I remember Howard Cossell on Monday Night Football and the first Star Trek series and Vinny Barbarino.

I remember when the Cubs played every home game in daylight.

I remember the Vietnam war as the confusing thing that my son may remember the Iraq War as (should it, god forbid, continue much longer).

I remember when you got on an airplane and were treated like a king.

I remember having a Sting Ray bike with a banana seat and one speed: Yours.

I remember not just CDs, but albums and mix tapes and 8 track tapes.

I remember when Secretariat was the greatest Athlete on the planet.

I also remember the World Trade Towers - I lived for two months in the summer of 1983 in what was then the Vista Hotel between One and Two.

I remember when CBGB's was not only open, but was still a place where music lived (the last years are the years I like to call the "museum years).

I remember reading REMAINS OF THE DAY in its first printing.

I remember seeing Star Wars during its first run at the Eden.

I remember Burt Wieman, your TV-Ford man.

And I remember a lot more - only I also remember that nobody really cares about old men who remember.

Released today, 3 years after I was born.


Adam said...

Happy Birthday! Did CBGB's close?

Malachy Walsh said...

I guess the question is, DIDN'T IT?

Dave Tutin said...

Yes they do. Care, that is.

Nothing comes from nothing. Everything you have ever been, or seen, or said, or felt, or regretted, or loved, or rejected, or heard, or missed...informs what you write.

And I know you know that. Even though you're only 43!

Laura said...

Happy B-Day.... Howard Cosell? Sigh. Yes, I remember him too.

Scott Walters said...

Me too! MNF was great then!