Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dressing the Girl

This is the space the Soho Think Tank calls home. It's where the above titled play was generously workshopped in 2005.

A first draft was finished in 2002.

I began heavily revising it in late 2003. The current draft was finished in 2005 and is radically different from the draft that was heard at the Think Tank. It took much longer time to get it right than I thought it would.

I'm currently looking for a dress shop in LA to produce it in. If you know of one, email me.

Here's the entry for its last New York reading in late 2006.

I've written about it before, so let's not crap around...


Dressing the Girl

Drama, full length, one intermission (optional).

Anne and Ian, once romantically involved, still emotionally and intellectually entangled, try to pick up where they left off. Unfortunately, Anne hates sex and Ian’s recent decision to quit drinking has left him thirsty for just about any diversion he can find. Searching for a way into Anne, he starts buying her the same dress over and over again even though it doesn’t fit. His relentless pursuit eventually pushes him into the arms of a dress shop girl who shows him just how dangerous a dress can be.

CAST: 2 F, 1 M

Time/Warner Center, Montmartre – onsite reading, presented by Relentless Theatre Co, directed by C. Maryan - 2006

Neighborhood Playhouse – reading, directed by C. Maryan - 2006

78th Street Theatre Lab – Equity workshop presentation, directed by Matthew Arbour - 2005

Soho Think Tank – staged reading at the 6th Floor Series, Ohio Theatre, NY – 2005

Nominated for the 2004 Cherry Lane Mentor Project by Frank Pugliese, NY – 2003

Magic Theatre, SF, inaugural script to be stage read at the monthly Lit Committee Series - 2003

Tomorrow: FIRE BABY

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